Why “built for banking” matters

Each bank and credit union is a unique, high-value target averaging 20 million potential cyber events every single day.
We’re the only company that combines cybersecurity and cybercompliance with the power of a co-managed system to continuously deliver the real-time Cyber Safety Soundness today’s financial institutions need.

Threat Ready

Consolidate security data from all sources, without volume limits, so you can oversee your entire security operations with real-time visibility. Specialized logic lets you zero-in on the threats that matter most.

Team Smart

Our TRAC (Threat Ready Active Compliance) Team of cybersecurity and cybercompliance experts works for you, keeping you covered 24x7x365. You define rules of engagement, incident workflow and triage processes to suit you. Continue to stay on track with ActiveDefense, Active Compliance and Virtual CISO subscriptions available through our onTRAC Advantage program.

Board Accountable

Connect policy and regulations with real-time enforcement of cyber controls. Built-in regulatory frameworks (FFIEC CAT/ACET) and other compliance capabilities, plus your unique policy definitions and control points, keep you actively compliant. Push-button reporting ease simplifies providing continuous visibility and proof of compliance to your Board of Directors and regulators.

Essential for Risk Management

DefenseStorm uniquely combines cybersecurity with cybercompliance, and then automates tracking, controls and reporting to enable you to prove real-time Safety and Soundness in a single system of record. While financial institutions require “critical documents” such as those used for financial reporting to have policies and controls that manage access, versioning and changes to data, many allow the equally critical discipline of cybercompliance to be managed by spreadsheets stored on a shared drive, folder or laptop with no version control, no access tracking, no audit trail, and no proof of data timeliness or accuracy.

We solve this challenge by building the FFIEC-CAT/ACET framework into the DefenseStorm GRID, and can incorporate your policies and other regulatory frameworks as well. Automated tasks, enforced procedures, stored evidence of compliance, audit trails, and access controls for critical documents and data significantly improve your risk management position.

DefenseStorm keeps you Threat Ready, Team Smart and Board Accountable

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The DefenseStorm GRID

Keeping you Threat Ready, Team Smart and Board Accountable.

The DefenseStorm GRID delivers and demonstrates
real-time Cyber Safety and Soundness for your examiners, Board of Directors, investors, customers and community.

Our co-managed approach unifies cybersecurity detection, investigation and reporting with cybercompliance into a single system in real-time.

  • Event data is aggregated across all cybersecurity tools.
  • Compliance proof is linked to polices in real-time.
  • FFIEC CAT, other cyber security requirements and proprietary policies are dynamically factored in.

Partnering with you to optimize cybersecurity & cyber compliance

TRAC Team experts work with you to provide a Security Operations Center (SOC) in the cloud, without capital expenditure or staff-up.

Board Accountable

Continuously prove your compliance to policy and regulation

DefenseStorm Active Compliance is your always-on policy and control engine driving continuous, full cycle compliance.

Evidence collection, proof of compliance, and real-time executive and board visibility combine for easy and rapid reporting.

  • Connect controls to actual policy enforcement.
  • Built-in FFIEC-CAT/ACET framework also incorporates your policies and other regulatory frameworks.
  • Automated tasks, procedures, stored evidence of compliance, audit trails, and access controls for critical documents and data improve your risk management.
  • Audit prep and response time is slashed and answers to inquiries using real data, is provided in minutes.
  • Evidence Collection processes interact with your tailored Trigger Library so security and compliance are continuously linked and evolve as security and compliance needs change.

Team Smart

Multiply your cyber team & expertise almost instantly

Our TRAC (Threat Ready Active Compliance) Team works with you to monitor and manage security and compliance 24x7x365, against millions of potential cyber threats daily.

Rapid onboarding, where you set the rules:

  • Tailor rules of engagement, workflows and triage processes to your requirements and team dynamics.
  • Map and connect your existing systems to the DefenseStorm GRID in a matter of weeks.

Continuously grow internal knowledge & performance:

  • Our TRAC Team raises knowledge and skill thresholds of your team and resources.
  • Rapidly enhance visibility and control with access to the same tools we use, with no specialized training.

onTRAC Advantage Subscriptions:

onTRAC Advantage subscriptions work together with the DefenseStorm GRID to augment your cybersecurity and cybercompliance operations:

  • Active Defense options in onTRAC Advantage deliver additional programs, tools and expertise to further strengthen your cybersecurity
  • Active Compliance options in onTRAC Advantage deliver additional programs, tools and expertise to further strengthen your cybersecurity.
  • Virtual CISO gives you access to the strategy development and execution oversight benefits of a Chief Information Security Officer on a fractional basis.

Threat Ready

Proactively manage your total cyber exposure

Connect monitoring detection, triage, response, resolution, audit trail and reporting.

Patented technology leverages human interaction with machine learning for optimized performance:

  • Threat Match leverages threat source feeds without volume limits, to ID known threats in event signals across your network.
  • Pattern Scout catches unknown threats by flagging anomalies not categorized in known threat patterns.
  • Trigger Library database catalogs threat vulnerabilities associated with assets and services across your network, including your own policies and operational controls.
  • Alert Derivatives associative logic recognizes alert patterns from the Trigger Library, Threat Match & Pattern Scout in order to:
    1. Identify previously unseen threats.
    2. Eliminate false positives.
    3. Prioritize which threats to elevate for the most immediate attention to optimize resource use and efficient resolution.

Prior to partnering with DefenseStorm, we followed a time-consuming process of scavenging through numerous systems to gather the evidence needed to satisfy examiners. Since leveraging the compliance capabilities of the GRID, we have been able to easily gather everything we need from a single system; saving us approximately a month of work in advance of an examination. Simply put, it does the stuff!

Heather Davis, Information Security Officer
Listerhill Credit Union

DefenseStorm puts a team of security experts behind us. We have good talent here, but the level of certification and expertise DefenseStorm delivers runs across many platforms and years. Our security is as strong as can be, all without having to hire an extra security expert.

Mark Singleton, Chief Executive Officer
Citizens National Bank of Texas

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I like that DefenseStorm designed their system specifically for community-focused banks and credit unions. No other company I spoke to had figured out exactly what community banks, like mine, need.

Sandra M. Teixeira, Chief Financial Officer
Lusitania Savings Bank

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I haven't presented anything to the bank's Board of Directors that has captured all the moving pieces of cybersecurity as well as the DefenseStorm console does. The Board was surprised that after 6 pm on a Thursday there were nearly 1,000 connection attempts from a Moscow suburb. The Pipeline pane on the Policy page was eye-opening in showing the gross number of events that need to be analyzed just to find the meaningful data. It really drove home your value add in layering human analysis over the system tools to filter out noise.

Evan Thomas, First Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Bank of Indianapolis

We couldn’t do in days what DefenseStorm does for us in minutes. The benefits of being able to satisfy our examiners and auditors when they ask us questions, and being able to feed that back to the board, that’s the ROI.

Carlos Vazquez, Vice President of Information Technology
Canvas Credit Union

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Deciding to work with DefenseStorm was a direct reaction to hearing from regulators about what they were going to be requiring banks to do.

Charles Blair, Chief Financial Officer
Peach State Bank

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The value is incalculable. Within a few months, the system transformed our security response from reactive to proactive, saving us tens of thousands in hard expenditures instantly – and averting fraud that could have had massive systemic and enterprise impact, with losses in the millions.

Neil Underwood, President
Live Oak Bank

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We really couldn’t find another solution in the market that did what DefenseStorm did, in terms of bringing together IT governance and incident management workflow into a single system.

Troy Wunderlich, VP, Director of Risk Management
Washington Trust Bank

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