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For banks and credit unions, the financial, operational and reputational costs of waiting to combat cyber-attacks until after they happen are too great. With its dynamic nature, cyber must be treated as a risk management issue, allowing you to stay ahead of threats. That’s what DefenseStorm’s built for banking cyber security risk management solution delivers.

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Financial Institutions are Uniquely Challenged

Let’s be clear: there’s no other business quite like a financial institution. Safeguarding customers’ assets, complex technologies and daunting regulations are some of the factors that set you apart. They also mean you must take a different approach to cyber security risk management.

High Value Assets
Complex Technology
Constrained Resources
Burdensome Regulations
Community Responsibility
High Value

Criminals are not focused on physical vaults anymore. They know financial institutions hold far more valuable assets in their digital vaults – and they’re launching millions of attacks against them each day.


To meet the changing demands of customers and become more efficient, your institution is constantly implementing new technologies. All these new systems also increase the risk of cyber-attacks.


Financial institutions are often forced to manage all of their risks and complexities with limited resources, and the fight for new cyber security talent has only grown more intense.


Financial institutions must defend all those valuable assets in alignment with a stringent set of regulations, while also spending valuable resources and time proving their compliance.


People depend on their financial institution to get cybersecurity, risk and compliance right – because it’s their assets, time and peace of mind on the line if FIs get it wrong.

Built for Banking cyber security risk management solutions from DefenseStorm.


No business manages risk, including lending and credit, like a financial institution. Now you can bring the same level of discipline to cyber security risk management.

DefenseStorm is your ally in the fight. Our solutions bring together advanced, AI-driven technology with a highly-skilled security operations team. You get integrated risk assessment, cyber security threat surveillance and proactive fraud detection – all while ensuring you maintain and can prove regulatory compliance.

This is how you move from a reactive cyber risk posture to proactive cyber risk readiness.

It’s ’s why DefenseStorm is The Best Offense.

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of financial institutions experienced an increase in destructive attacks in 2021, up 17% year-over-year


Nearly half of executives say their financial institution’s outdated technology is a top concern

1 in

financial institutions say their team spends 8 or more hours a week tracking governance or framework developments

DefenseStorm in Action

”Fraud and Information Security are siloed functions in many organizations. One of the reasons BMTX selected DefenseStorm is that they are ahead of the curve in bringing fraud and cyber security data together in one platform. GRID started preventing fraudulent activity before we even completed our security integration, providing a quick win for both our Fraud and Information Security teams. I’m excited to see what we can do as we onboard additional data feeds.“

Marilyn McMunn
VP of Information Security, BMTX

”The value of the DefenseStorm solution to our operations is incalculable. Within a few months, the system transformed our cyber security risk management from reactive to proactive, saving us tens of thousands in hard expenditures instantly— and averting fraud that could have had massive systemic and enterprise impact, with losses in the millions.“

Neil Underwood
President, Live Oak Bancshares

”We wanted more than a vendor. We were looking for a trusted partner who was passionate about taking care of the needs of our organization, and DefenseStorm was the only prospect to demonstrate that level of care.“

Matthew Clements
VP of Technology and Analytics, Red Rocks Credit Union

”I gained so much value from the free DefenseStorm tool that I asked for a demo. I was blown away by the capabilities, including the real-time anomaly detection, the fact that it’s in the cloud, and all the platform had to offer. Plus, DefenseStorm is laser-focused on banks of our size – not the Bank of Americas, the Capital Ones, the Chases.“

Roy Corum
VP and Director of IT & Engineering, Village Bank and Trust

”I love being able to call [DefenseStorm] up anytime to answer a question; they’re always there to give guidance. Any company in this market would have trouble sourcing the talent and expertise that is a part of that team. Having them always there is a tremendous value. It’s like having an extension of my team, really.“

Jordan Pike
Director of Security Operations, Ncino

”I don’t want any of my customers looking at me saying, ‘Mark, I trusted you with my money and my information. Why didn’t you protect me?’ We really want to be able to say we’re constantly on the cutting edge of security and looking to make sure those hooligans haven’t figured out a way to get into someplace they’re not supposed to be. DefenseStorm is a product that lets us be able to do that.“

Mark Singleton
CEO, Citizens National Bank of Texas

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