GRID Active threat detection and response is an integrated and intelligent data platform enabled and enhanced through machine learning providing access, analysis, and action across areas of cyber security risk management. The data engine constantly gathers, analyzes and reports real-time insights on evolving threats and integrates cyber risk software products, technology and capabilities.

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DefenseStorm GRID Active threat detection and response.


Financial institutions operate in an environment of constant change, and therefore constant and evolving risk. The amount of data that you have and need to analyze, across multiple systems and disciplines is an ongoing challenge. As a financial institution, you have unique requirements based on the technology in use, assets you need to protect and your engagement with the community elevate that need to have access and visibility to that data.

GRID Active, our intelligent threat detection and response data engine, constantly gathers, analyzes and reports real-time insights on evolving cyber risk and integrates cyber risk management software products, technology and capabilities. This integrated and intelligent data platform is enabled and enhanced through machine learning to provide access, analysis, and action for all areas of cyber risk.

DefenseStorm provides you with the confidence that our solutions work effectively across the organization to help you stay protected from threats and fraud, better manage their risk, and maintain a strong governance stance.




Hands-on Access and Visibility

With access to data-informed by regulations, policies, and procedures to which financial institutions are held accountable you have constant visibility into what is happening in your environment.  GRID Active threat detection and response includes Intelligent Data Application with cloud-based storage that provides 100% coverage on key risk areas and frequently used data.



Actionable Insights

You can easily integrate and curate sources of known threats to reduce noise with Threat Match.  GRID Active also includes Pattern Scout that enables identification of suspicious anomalous activities through pattern recognitions. With Trigger Library and Story View, custom and shared queries can be applied to your environment and you gain better understanding of an incident with the ability to correlate multiple data points and visualization of the incident.


Comprehensive View

Through an integrated platform, you and your teams can better assess risk, maintain governance, improve security and help prevent fraud through the constant flow of information to keep you informed, identify and bridge gaps to take action for strong cybersecurity readiness.  GRID Active includes the ability to identify previously unseen threats, reduce false positives and prioritize threats to elevate your security posture.

01 - Hands-on Access and Visibility
02 - Actionable Insights
03 - Comprehensive View
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GRID Active Reporting enables financial institutions to exercise informed decision-making through consistent metrics and ensure confidence in the execution of strategic risks.

Through strong reporting, FIs can customize their reports based on audience and timing to better demonstrate the overall risk objectives are being met.

Cyber security threat detection and response from DefenseStorm.
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