Our approach to cyber security risk management is supported by a team of certified cyber security monitoring professionals who continuously  protect your network, augment your staff, and investigate alerts so you can focus on your core business. 

Cyber security risk management solutions from DefenseStorm.
Cyber security monitoring from DefenseStorm.


The DefenseStorm Security Operations team applies a four-pronged approach to risk management through cyber security monitoring, investigation, applying community intelligence and incident escalation and response.  With advanced information processing techniques using the GRID Active intelligent data engine and platform, the team provides incident escalation and response, investigation of indicators of compromise (IoCs) and threat analysis for 24/7 coverage.




Augment Your Cyber Security Team

Our managed service option, Cyber Threat Surveillance Operations (CTS Ops) team is an extension of your cyber security team to bolster your cyber defenses and ensure your FI is threat ready. Our team’s professional expertise and certifications make them your ally in the fight against cybercrime, diligently working to stop threats from becoming costly and destructive attacks.

  • Vigilant monitoring of your FI’s systems and networks 24/7/365 to detect potential cyber threats proactively.
  • Expert threat hunting by industry experts scrutinizing the many cyber events your FI encounters daily, including Employee Activity Monitoring.
  • Skilled and experienced professionals with highly regarded industry certifications.
  • Instant escalation to facilitate prompt and effective responses to mitigate a potential breach or threat.

Enhanced Threat Detection

Through the DefenseStorm Cyber Threat Intelligence team, you gain valuable insights and updates for better threat detection to defend against new and emerging threats across your FI.  Our CTI team analyzes digital evidence, identifies cyber security threats, and helps clients implement robust security measures on various devices to uncover critical information and support investigations.

The team proactively detects and responds to cyber incidents and plays a vital role in working with client’s incident response teams, coordinating efforts to mitigate the impact of breaches, vulnerability identification, and strategy implementation to prevent future attacks.


Implementation and Onboarding

We’ll prove that implementing new technology doesn’t have to be difficult. Our six phase onboarding process begins the moment you become a DefenseStorm customer. We’re committed to a short time-to-value, so you quickly realize the benefit of your purchase. And you can always count on us to deliver on-time and at-cost.

  • It begins with a structured handoff from your Sales Executive to the onboarding team, to ensure clarity on priorities, goals, requirements and operating environment.
  • We provide 100% of the project management throughout Onboarding.
  • Our onboarding process is aligned to your resource availability, so it occurs as fast as your team can support.
  • We use tasks in GRID Active to help manage the process, providing an opportunity to familiarize yourself quickly and easily with the underlying platform.
  • In-depth product training applies your data to introduce all the capabilities and features available for your use; Sessions are recorded so they can be replayed and shared.

Security Operations Center

The DefenseStorm Security Operations team has access to three Security Operations Centers (SOCs) for collaboration and training. Each SOC operates independent of a specific geographic location.

  • VPN is utilized for secure communications when outside a DefenseStorm facility.
  • Remote working allows testing of our business continuity plan.
  • If any SOC location experiences a major disaster, the others are equipped to take on its clients and workload.
  • A full range of communication tools can be accessed from anywhere around the world to ensure uninterrupted monitoring, investigation, threat hunting and incident response.
01 - Augment Your Cyber Security Team
02 - Enhanced Threat Detection
03 - Implementation and Onboarding
04 - Security Operations Center
DefenseStorm's cyber security monitoring is built for banks and credit unions.


Defenders need to understand the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of bad actors to detect and defend against attacks in the real world. Our CTS Ops team of professionals  learn and practice ethical hacking and penetration testing, as well as acquire and maintain diverse certifications, including:

DefenseStorm is certified by the International Society or Forensic Computer Examiners for cyber security monitoring
DefenseStorm is a Certified Ethical Hacker and understands the importance of cyber security monitoring.
Certified Information Security Manger - DefenseStorm is known for cyber security monitoring.
Defense Storm is recognized by the Certified Information Systems Security Professionals for cyber security monitoring.
DefenseStorm is certified in risk and information systems controls for cyber security monitoring.
GCFA certified forensic analyst, DefenseStorm provides cyber security monitoring.
GCFE certified forensic examiner, DefenseStorm provides cyber security monitoring.
GCIH certified incident handler, DefenseStorm provides cyber security monitoring.
GPEN certified penetration tester, DefenseStorm provides cyber security monitoring.
GREM reverse engineering malware, DefenseStorm services include cyber security monitoring.
GSEC security essentials certification, DefenseStorm services include cyber security monitoring.
IACIS Certified Forensic Computer Examiner, DefenseStorm services provide cyber security monitoring.
DefenseStorm is certified by Offensive Security Professionals for cyber security monitoring.
DefenseStorm is certified as a Systems Security Certified Practitioner for cyber security monitoring.