Financial institutions like yours  need to have full visibility of the threats they are up against, the ability to make informed actions, and protect against those threats. DefenseStorm is the only cyber security solution built for banking that consolidates cyber security data for real-time visibility into your security operations and threat detection, reducing false positives, so you can prioritize and act on the most severe threats.

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As a financial institution, you’re in a state of constant operational change – expanded digital offerings, upgraded technology at existing branches, opening new branches, and adding new employees are all reasons to celebrate change, but they also open the door to cyber risk.

GRID Active Threat Surveillance gathers and analyzes data from all types of sources, technology, tools, and systems and identifies threats in your environment. This unique built for banking approach to threat detection leverages our GRID Active intelligent data platform that integrates cyber risk management solutions which are enabled and enhanced through machine learning to monitor the network proactively and continuously for known attacks and suspicious activity.




Cybersecurity and Threat Detection with a Built for Banking Approach

A built for a banking approach to cybersecurity means GRID Active Threat Surveillance collects and analyzes data from the unique technology and requirements of your financial institution. You have full visibility, transparency and access to your alert statuses, event and logs to better manage your threat detection and overall cyber risk readiness. You gain valuable insights and updates from our cyber threat intelligence (CTI) team for better threat detection to defend against new threats across your FI.


Managed Security Operations

With GRID Active Threat Surveillance, you can have help protecting your cloud, perimeter, network, endpoints, applications and data against cyberattacks and monitor all data across your unique and complex technology systems. Our co-managed approach allows to view all configuration logs to see how your unique environment is monitored 24/7 by our cybersecurity experts. Our Cyber Threat Surveillance Operations (CTS Ops) team is on hand to investigate threats, identify risks and help you respond to stay cyber risk ready from IOCs and threat actors.


Comprehensive Cybersecurity Protection

You also have the option to add EDR functionality and Vulnerability Management Services, both integrated with the GRID Active platform, to your cyber security risk management solution. Vulnerabilities are discovered through continuous scanning resulting in shorter patch time and with the integration of scanning services, you have a more comprehensive view of risks.  Through EDR, you gain more robust protection against ransomware related threats and strengthen your existing security posture through custom policy creation.  The addition of these products and services allows you to better adhere to audit and cyber insurance requirements, conduct in-depth review of alerts and have continuous risk mitigation and posture improvement with integrated reports.


Enhance Protection with Integrations

DefenseStorm can help you determine the relevant integrations and the best way to ingest data from all necessary data sources.  Through the process of combining multiple security systems or software to work seamlessly, you can include tolls for intrusion detection, firewalls, threat intelligence platforms, identity and access management systems, Employee Activity Monitoring and many more.  Through these integrations DefenseStorm can streamline operations, provide comprehensive visibility into threats for more efficient response and improved security posture.

01 - Cybersecurity and Threat Detection with a Built for Banking Approach
02 - Managed Security Operations
03 - Comprehensive Cybersecurity Protection
04 - Enhance Protection with Integrations
DefenseStorm's cyber security monitoring is built for banks and credit unions.


GRID Active Reporting enables financial institutions to exercise informed decision-making through consistent metrics and ensure confidence in the execution of strategic risks.

Through strong reporting, FIs can customize their reports based on audience and timing to better demonstrate the overall risk objectives are being met.

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