DefenseStorm is dedicated to Building a Community of Trust to Grow and Thrive Together by fostering an environment where trust is the foundation of our relationship with employees and clients. 

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At DefenseStorm, we leverage community knowledge to ensure progressively smarter cyber risk management practices. We do this by learning what like-minded contributors have to say about keeping financial institutions protected and deploying those learnings through the GRID Active platform and our Services team.

We believe a dual approach of individualized support and community engagement presents a comprehensive solution to customer service. We address the immediate needs of customers and leverage the collective intelligence of the community to solve problems, share best practices, and build lasting relationships. This connected view of customer service and community engagement is essential in today’s results-driven environments, where rapid response times, peer-to-peer support, and a sense of community can significantly impact a brand’s perception and success.



Building Strength Through Collaboration

In the ever-evolving world of cyber risk management, financial institutions like yours face significant challenges in safeguarding their sensitive data and protecting themselves against cyber threats. DefenseStorm recognizes the importance of building a community of trust to address these challenges effectively, and we aim to create a secure, supportive, and informed space for your FI to combat cybercrime more efficiently. We strengthen our relationships by collaborating to share information, discuss best practices and leverage the expertise of all involved to build a united front against threat actors.


Starting within Our Own Community

DefenseStorm has prioritized the cultivation of a strong, interconnected community among our internal employees first. Establishing that culture from the top has created a ripple effect that positively impacts our client relationships and, subsequently, influences improvement in their own employee and customer relationships. 

DefenseStorm customers have access to our GRID Active technical support team, a dedicated group of US based engineers.  Through our customer support and community engagement, this team helps streamline communication between customers and support teams while cultivating a robust community-driven support ecosystem. Our team ensures that individual concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently, reducing resolution times, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. This process is not only beneficial for immediate problem-solving but also contributes to a knowledge base that can preemptively answer future inquiries, optimizing the support process.


A Commitment to Communication

At DefenseStorm, we pride ourselves on establishing a culture of open communication and commitment to integrity through our many free resources available not only to clients but to the greater community. 

DefenseStorm customers also have access to different forums featured through the support portal. This function serves as an important role in community building, allowing users to ask questions, share insights, and provide solutions outside the traditional support ticket system. This collaborative environment develops a sense of belonging and mutual support among users, creating a community where knowledge and experiences are freely exchanged. Such a platform encourages active participation and engagement, leading to innovative ideas and feedback that can drive product improvements and foster loyalty.

01 - Building Strength Through Collaboration
02 - Starting within Our Own Community
03 - A Commitment to Communication
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