Wednesday, March 15th, 2023



DefenseStorm Welcomes Matt Edwards as Chief Customer Officer

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (March 15, 2023) – DefenseStorm, the industry leader in providing cyber risk management, including risk assessment, governance, security, and fraud solutions, for regional and community banks and credit unions, has appointed Matt Edwards as Chief Customer Officer (CCO).

Edwards joins DefenseStorm with a background in Customer Success and other customer facing teams. His experience ranges across six different companies at various stages, including two other data security companies. Each experience resulted in strongly built partnerships with customers who became part of their extended teams. As CCO, Edwards will focus on scaling and strengthening the partnerships DefenseStorm has with its customers to maximize the value they receive.

“We are so excited to have Matt Edwards join our team as DefenseStorm’s Chief Customer Officer (CCO). DefenseStorm works hard to deliver on our customers’ expectations which was exemplified in our amazing 86 Net Promoter Score. Investing in our customer relationships has been fundamental in DefenseStorm’s growth and success,” says Chief Executive Officer, Steve Soukup. “In this new role, Matt will continue to nurture client relationships and act as a dedicated advocate for our customers.”

According to Edwards, “I am excited to be joining such a great team that is focused on building a community of trust for banks and credit unions so we can all grow and thrive together. DefenseStorm’s singular focus on this sector has allowed it to produce game changing products for its customers. This, coupled with the exceptional talent of the TRAC team, enables any bank or credit union to have access to the products, services, talent, and knowledge required to obtain the cyber risk maturity their customers and members expect.”

In his personal time, Edwards enjoys the outdoors, typically involving motorsports. In 2023, he plans to pursue his passion further by racing in the Colorado Off-road Championship Series (CORCS).

About DefenseStorm

DefenseStorm provides an integrated platform of risk assessment, compliance, cybersecurity, and fraud solutions that ensure financial institutions achieve and maintain cyber risk readiness. The only system specifically built for banking, it accounts for all the daunting challenges, regulations, and technology requirements financial institutions face. Their intelligent data engine, GRID, ensures real-time access, analysis, and action on all critical threat data. The Threat Ready Active Compliance (TRAC) team enables access to co-managed resources 24x7x365, providing the help and expertise needed by financial institutions.