Redefining Cybersecurity Part 4: The Power of a Buyer’s Guide

Friday, August 4th, 2023


Cyber security risk management solutions from DefenseStorm.

Part 4 of our Redefining Cyber Security series explores the power of a buyer’s guide, a vendor-neutral tool created by DefenseStorm to help FIs efficiently shop for new cyber security risk management solutions.

In our previous blog, Redefining Cybersecurity: Bridging the Communication Gap, we discussed resources and tools that can help open a dialogue with decision-makers. One of the resources is a Buyer’s Guide which was created by DefenseStorm as a vendor-neutral tool to help financial institutions (FIs) efficiently shop around for new solutions.

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is a vital component for any business or individual looking to protect sensitive data and valuable assets from potential threats, but what if some of your financial institution’s top decision-makers have a limited understanding of cyber security and cyber security risk management? It’s virtually impossible to make effective choices about allocating funds and implementing solutions if the terminology, implications, risks, and vulnerabilities are not understood. Making uninformed decisions can lead to spending too much on the wrong solutions leaving your financial institution more vulnerable. That’s where the Buyer’s Guide comes in.

DefenseStorm experts created a Buyer’s Guide to aid in the process of understanding cybersecurity and cyber risk management while assisting in securing the best solution for your FI. By employing the guide, your FI can simplify the task of evaluating and shopping around for cybersecurity solutions. Just like you wouldn’t embark on a challenging hiking trail without a map and a plan, you shouldn’t dive into the world of cybersecurity without a guiding hand. A Buyer’s Guide serves as your map, giving you clarity and understanding, ensuring you’re on the right path.Effective cyber risk management includes a wide range of technologies, strategies, and tools. A Buyer’s Guide breaks down these complexities, providing a clear overview of the essential priorities. The document also provides your FI with the most crucial questions to ask vendors, ensuring you’re making an informed choice. With a deeper understanding of the subject, FIs are in a better position to lead the conversation when shopping around for cyber risk management solutions. Instead of being influenced by sales pitches, your FI can drive the discussion based on your organization’s specific needs.

Redefining Cyber Security with DefenseStorm


The Cyber Risk Management Buyer’s Guide includes the following information:

  • Understanding cybersecurity vs. cyber risk management.
  • Terminology/acronyms defined.
  • Self-evaluation questions to understand your monitoring capabilities.
  • Vendor questions: the most important questions to ask while shopping around.
  • FREE tools and resources to get started.
  • Access to the free corresponding digital workbook.

The Cyber Risk Management Buyer’s Guide workbook accompanies the Buyer’s Guide. Using the vendor questions from the guide, the workbook provides space for FIs to compile and compare the answers from different competing vendors about their technology and services. It provides a structured way to evaluate different vendors based on specific criteria, such as their level of industry expertise, monitoring and management services, and the details/capabilities of their solutions. By using this workbook, FIs can make a more informed decision and select the vendor that best fits their requirements.

Cyber Security Buyer's Guide

In the ever-evolving world of cyber threats, being prepared is half the battle. By leveraging the valuable information in a Buyer’s Guide, your FI is armed with the knowledge to make optimal choices about cybersecurity. Remember, it’s not about merely choosing a solution; it’s about choosing the right solution that aligns with your specific needs and goals.


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