Cyber Risk Readiness in GRID Active

Wednesday, July 10th, 2024


Cyber security risk management solutions from DefenseStorm.

GRID Active now offers customer a view into their state of Cyber Risk Readiness and demonstrates the positive impact an integrated cyber risk management platform can have in managing cyber risk.

We are excited to announce a new functionality and feature in GRID Active that gives our customers an overview of their State of Cyber Risk Readiness.

Look for changes on July 16, 2024

Beginning on July 16, 2024, each GRID Active user will be presented with their Cyber Risk Readiness Overview when they log onto the platform.



Each line in the CRR Overview represents the individual client’s use of the technology and product within the platform and provides a snapshot of their readiness.  At this time, no other actions will be available with this first release.

We will follow this initial release of the Cyber Risk Readiness Overview with a new Cyber Risk Readiness Action Dashboard later in the third quarter of 2024. The CRR Action Dashboard provides customers a clear picture of the items within their environment which require further review and/or action to maintain their current state of Cyber Risk Readiness.



A user will be able to select the individual items on the Action Dashboard that will redirect them to the specific areas in the GRID Active modules to complete the action/task clicked.

Once live, the CRR Action Dashboard will be the default view for users.

The need for Cyber Risk Readiness: 

Through this release and future feature releases, DefenseStorm delivers another level of information around our Cyber Risk Management products and services that integrate risk, governance, security, and fraud, accounting for all your unique operational requirements because they are specifically built for banking.

DefenseStorm enables our customers to not only easily access and view actionable threats/alerts with clear actions to remediate but have clear and strong understanding of ‘how ready’ they are across their entire organization against all types of threats.  The CRR Action Dashboard enhances the ability to gauge where users or teams are spending time within the platform and provides the ability to report on the current state of Cyber Risk Readiness of the organization at any time.


DefenseStorm experts collaborate to share valuable insights, tips, trends, and resources about cyber risk management. Information sharing is a critical component of cyber risk readiness and considered a best practice to improve cyber risk awareness. As a leader in the industry, we strive to build a community of trust by providing the most current and important information that affects your financial institution.