Wednesday, July 24th, 2019



Apiture and DefenseStorm Offer Customers Cybersecurity and Compliance

WILMINGTON, NC July 24, 2019 – Apiture, a leading digital banking provider, launches a strategic alliance with DefenseStorm to provide cloud-based cybersecurity and compliance solutions to customers.

Today, regional and community financial institutions are faced with approximately 20 million potential cyberthreats every day. As the importance of minimizing these risks continues to increase, the cost of hiring a full-time employee to manage cybersecurity becomes harder for small- to mid-sized financial institutions to cover.

Apiture, who is also a customer of DefenseStorm, works with 500+ community financial institutions to offer digital banking solutions including online, mobile and commercial platforms. With DefenseStorm, Apiture is excited to offer customers a more reliable solution to meet their cybersecurity and compliance needs.

“We’ve been very pleased with the services we currently receive from DefenseStorm and wanted our customers to see the same value as we have been able to,” said Bob Burgarino, EVP of professional services and strategic alliances at Apiture.

“Apiture is putting cybersecurity and compliance first both within their organization and for their customers. We love working alongside a cloud-based partner to provide leading solutions for community banks across the country,” said Steve Soukup, chief revenue officer at DefenseStorm.

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About DefenseStorm

DefenseStorm provides an integrated platform of risk assessment, compliance, cybersecurity, and fraud solutions that ensure financial institutions achieve and maintain cyber risk readiness. The only system specifically built for banking, it accounts for all the daunting challenges, regulations, and technology requirements financial institutions face. Their intelligent data engine, GRID, ensures real-time access, analysis, and action on all critical threat data. The Threat Ready Active Compliance (TRAC) team enables access to co-managed resources 24x7x365, providing the help and expertise needed by financial institutions.