Annual, check-the-box, risk assessments can open the door to elevated cyber risk if the mitigating controls aren’t well-designed or effective. DefenseStorm offers the only built for banking cyber risk management solution with integrated custom risk assessments.

Cyber security risk management solutions from DefenseStorm.
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Financial institutions like you have regulations, guidance, best practices and examiner expectations to consider when building out cyber programs. Risk assessments help financial institutions identify new and emerging risks, realize changes in risk levels and make informed risk-based decisions for budgeting, resource allocation and strategic planning. However, risk assessments can also be daunting and are often a manual task.

GRID Active Risk Assessment takes an automated approach to risk assessments to achieve a complete picture of cyber and information security risks and controls. With a real-time understanding of risk profiles and insight into impactful action items, your financial institution can better identify and manage risk interdependencies across the entire organization – taking your systems from reactive to proactive.


GRID Active - Cyber Security Risk Assessment



Custom Risk and Control Registers

Control registers and generate custom risk assessments based on your financial institution’s unique risks and programs. Access prebuilt libraries of risks and controls to build out your register, which is pre-mapped to each other and frameworks and self-assessments built into the GRID Active Governance Program, making it even easier to prove adherence to industry and regulatory control frameworks. You have the ability to link risks and controls in the register to your organization’s unique audit and policy universe to illustrate the full scope of the overall risk management platform.


Systematic Evidence Collection

Leverage systematic evidence collection against controls in the register to support control effectiveness scores with security operations and governance activities happening daily within the GRID Active platform. With supported and evidenced control scores, your residual risk scores are more accurate and reliable.


Tailored to Financial Institutions’ Unique Needs

Filter risk assessments based on your organization’s unique needs to create smaller risk assessments, such as an eBanking risk assessment, or one large information security risk assessment encompassing all risks in the register. Use an aggregate risk score based on the population of risks within it with a quantitative scoring model or select your own aggregate risk scores. You can also keep track of risk assessments to get a clear picture of how your risk profile has evolved over time.


Individual Risk Profiles

Maintain individual risk profiles for all systems and applications in use at your financial institution. Link inventory items to risks and controls in the registers to achieve a full scope of cyber and information security risks and controls.

01 - Custom Risk and Control Registers
02 - Systematic Evidence Collection
03 - Tailored to Financial Institutions’ Unique Needs
04 - Individual Risk Profiles
DefenseStorm's cyber security monitoring is built for banks and credit unions.


GRID Active Reporting enables financial institutions to exercise informed decision-making through consistent metrics and ensure confidence in the execution of strategic risks.

Through strong reporting, FIs can customize their reports based on audience and timing to better demonstrate the overall risk objectives are being met.

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Data-based decision making
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Dynamic visualizations and dashboards
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Quick implementation and onboarding
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Easy Information sharing